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Thank you for being willing to offer much needed financial help for Steve and his family. You can read more here about how the funds are structured, and how they can be used.

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Note: Contributions to the Steve Lowell Ruetschle Special Needs Trust are not tax-exempt. We take your privacy seriously and will not sell, rent, loan, give or share your personal information with anyone else. All contributions are final and not refundable. Please contact us prior to making a contribution if you have any questions.

If you’d like to send a check, you can mail to:

Steven Lowell Ruetschle Special Needs Trust
222 Linwood Street
Dayton, Ohio 45405
P. (937) 461-5390

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  • Vangiepcapili

    My electronic contribution is not accepted as it is required that I have to input the state, which I can”t . It seems, this is only applicable for contributions from the US. How do we go about, if we are from the Philippines. Would appreciate your advices.

    Many thanks and God bless,
    Vangie Capili-UCM Manila

    • Helen Ackerman

      the logical means if from the Philippines appear to be to give to UCM with specific instructions that it is to go to funds for Pastor Steve

  • Kristin

    Hurray! I've been waiting to contribute and now there is a monthly option. If everyone watching his progress donated only one dollar every month we could eliminate the gut wrenching worry over how to pay for his care. Soon the medical insurance runs RECOVERY. BTW I have never even met Steve and was NOT asked to write any of this. I feel that we are all being called to lift up this man; join me and make a monthly contribution no matter how small. We are mighty in numbers.

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  • Fred Davis

    Indeed, what has happened has served to advance the Gospel. Your faith, courage, love and determination have touched many. I know it may sound hollow for someone else to be suggesting that what has happened to you has in any way been a good thing. However, your lives have been a witness to Judy and me, and I am sure, countless others. Philippians was my constant companion and exhortation through my initial injury, the subsequent surgeries and long rehab process and even today. I pray that Paul's words would permeate your lives with healing grace and hope. As always, you are in our prayers today with the specific request that God would continue to give you rest, some private time to heal emotionally and spiritually, and that there would be a continuing miracle of new nerves firing and muscles responding.
    Our love and prayers go up with thanksgiving for the way your lives have touched ours
    Fred and Judy Davis

  • Julie

    Hi Mark! I am from the Philippines. My second attempt to donate thru this facility failed again– something to do with my address. Do others from Phils. encounter this same problem? Pls. advise. Thanks. …Julie/UCM

    • Carminda

      Yes, I too am from the Philippines, and have just tried for the second time to send my donation using another card. It failed to go through again, this time it’s because of “error in processing”.

  • Fegusss

    I learned there is a shortfall in the budget for the Ruetschles during the next 12 months Pastor Steve will be recuperating for his eventual return to UCM Manila in Aug 2011. I think that this should be the last thing that Michele, especially Pastor Steve should be worrying about during this time of healing.
    My wife and I are starting a $50 monthly support group commited for 12 months. Last Sunday I brought up the idea to a member of the church council and he was enthused about it – he says he will be the first one to join. Also that he would bring this up to the church council. I am certain there are many more willing to step up to the plate.
    I also brought up the idea if there is a need for in-house help for Rutschles in Edmunds, Wash. Because if there is their present helper in Manila could visit with them until they return to Manila. Philippine passport should not be a problem, but the US visa might be. But based on humanitarian reason, it might fly. Transportation cost can be reimbursed from the $50 monthly fund.
    My wife and I belong to a home church in Sebring, Florida. In our retirement years, we chose to split our residence between Manila and Sebring. Boring to get stuck in one place. Other than having listened to Pastor Steve’s sermons during our stay in Manila, that’s about the extent of our knowing them. But we feel we are all kindred in spirit in Christ and it pains us to see Pastor Steve falling in really challenging times. And if we can help a little bit, it brings joy to us.
    We pray that others will join us in this support group.
    Last post of Michele is quite encouraging, but if I can describe the next 12 months that’s when “rubber meets the road”. Numerous challenges in handling three boys and a wheelchair care. Doable? Of course, if anyone could do it, Michele can. She is truly made of the right stuff. A lot of people will buckle under the same circumstances. My wife and I continously pray for them. Gus and Fe

  • Mcnicholsterry

    This doesn’t seem to be working today.

  • Mjgmickey

    Steve~I heard you speak the other night at fairhaven church. I hope you continue to get better. You are a blessing to god and miracle. keep up the good work.

    Jane Greathouse