Volunteer Network

If you are interested in providing volunteer help for the Ruetschles, please send email to steve.volunteer@gmail.com. Let us know what you’d like to provide, and please include your contact info. We are compiling a database of resources to draw from as needed, and while we may not be able to respond to every offer we’ll use this database as a local resource network.

If you aren’t able to volunteer due to location or time-constraints, there are additional ways you can support Steve & Michelle through the coming weeks and months of rehab.

  1. Contribute to Steve. Click here to learn more.
  2. Continue to visit this site and share your thoughts and prayers in the comments for Steve, Michelle and the family. It provides more sustenance and encouragement than you can imagine.
  3. Send an encouraging letter or card to:

    Harborview Medical Center
    Attn: Steve Ruetschle / Rm 457
    325 Ninth Avenue
    Seattle, WA 98104

» Click here to enter your well-wishes for Steve in the Guestbook
  • Edna Bishop

    Your faith as a family is amazing ~ I am blessed every time I watch one of your videos or read one of your post. I look forward to the benefit concert & I am sure anyone who attends will be Blessed and hopefully a few will come to the Lord. I continue to pray for you guys and look forward to what God is going to do next and continue to do in all of your lives.

  • Bob, Sharon & Sethroy King

    Dear Steve & Michelle,

    Thank you for sharing your story of faith with us ~ we are honored to walk beside you. We pray daily for your continued healing & encouragement, for support (financial & other), and a continued out pouring of love to sustain and carry you along this journey. My family was privileged to attend the UPC concert last Friday and we are still in awe for the experience. The trust, faith and the out pouring of God’s enduring love was evidenced to all present. Seeing Steve walk was and is beyond words~ as a Christian we hear about miracles a lot but to actually witness one was beyond words~ we are still in awe and reminded again of God’s awesome power and might. God is in control and He is ever faithful! We are privileged to be members of your church family and will continue to pray faithfully for your recovery and care. ~ The 3 Kings

  • Janet Sandvik

    Dear Steve,
    The video of what you have been going through was amazing and brought me to tears. I thank you for sharing your story of faith. I am praying for you that God will continue to encourage you and give you strength as you continue to heal. I am so impressed with your faith and that of your wife, Michelle. God is truly in control of all things. I will pass this information on to my daughter, Kirsten. Janet Sandvik

  • Daniel Ramil Agustin

    Lord Jesus,
    Please give all the joy, strength and resources he and his loved ones need. Thank you. Amen
    Daniel Ramil Agustin