Photo: Determination

5 hours in the wheelchair

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  • Harry & Geri

    Dear Steve, congratulations on making this milestone! Wow, 5 hours in the wheelchair is a lot. Praise God. We continue to pray for you, Michelle and the boys. Love and blessings, Geri in Manila and Harry in Ethiopia

  • Darren

    Great picture. I need that kind of focus.


  • Barb Podmore

    YAY, Go Steve go.

  • opheliatongco

    Go, go, Pastor Steve. Not a day passes without me bringing to the throne of God the Lord Almighty the bold petition that one day you will fully recover and regain full use of all your motor skills. He is powerful and He is merciful and His unfailing love is full of pleasant surprises. Praise God. Michelle, I thank God for the strength that He has nurtured in you. Remember always, you are being prayed for.

  • Lucy Dy

    Hurray! We're praying for you everyday, our beloved Pastor Steve. Kuya Lino looks forward to your comeback “Elvis Presley” performance at the Makati Shangrila. We'll celebrate God's faithfulness all together with our BIG HUGS, LOVE AND PRAYERS FOR YOU. What an inspiration and FRESH HOPE that you'll soon be with us. Love and prayers, Nelson and Lucy Dy PS: Ate Helen and Kuya Lino send their love and prayers, too.

  • Manilaflybaby

    Amazing! Incredible determination. And you really look “content”. not in the “this is great, I really like my situation,” but truly in the Pauline sense, “This is great, God is giving me the moment by moment ability to find peace, the ability to do what is needed, and the ability to trust and give the next moment, and one after that, and the ones a week, two months, a year from now, into His hands.”

  • Chitvillegas_ctv

    wow…congratulations pastor Steve…we are rallying for you in prayers…would love to see you again looking like the photos in this website…and to your dear wife Michelle…you are really inspiring!!!

    door of Hope

  • Mac and Rhoda Bradshaw

    What an incredible milestone! We are impressed! So many times a day we find our thoughts and prayers heading your way, Steve and Michelle. Our Father in Heaven is rich in mercy and grace to help in time of need, as you are finding again and again on this new and difficult journey. You are an inspiration to many. And Michelle, you have a true gift for writing. I see a book coming out of all this and what an inspiration and help it will be to so many of God's children. We pray everyday for a good night's rest for both of you. “Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow!” Mac and Rhoda

  • Diwadadap

    Praise His name and see it happen! Let the power of God become alive in our hearts, just praise the Lord! just praise the Lord! Sing Hallelujah! We love you Pastor Steve!

    Diwa and Lyn Dadap

  • James_md_bg

    Steve, be strong. You are amazing. It will get easier. You are inspiring us all! Love, Elizabeth James

  • joy aromin

    “The people who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits.” Daniel 11:32

    Praising God with you every step of the way… We will continue to be on our knees praying for you our dear Pastor Steve, Michelle and the rest of the family. Thank you for letting us see God's amazing love and power in your lives.
    benj, joy and josh

  • Druetschle

    Steve, we are so proud of you – 5 hours – WOW! We can't wait to see you this weekend and
    the boys are so anxious as well. Hang in there son, each day will get better. Love and hug,
    Mom and Dad

  • Barry

    We continue to hold you in our prayers here at your home church Steve. We're praying for the day when 5 hours in a chair is not a good thing, but a bad thing – because of course you no longer need the chair at all! In the meantime, we thank God for your strength and perseverance and faith. God is with you. Barry DeShetler, Christ U.M.C.

    • guest


  • Joseph & May Uy

    Way to go Pastor Steve! Keep on going. Don't give up!

  • Becky

    Yeah for you, this is just one of the many milestones that you will reach. We are so proud of you and your determination. Your light is shining around the world and this website is proof of that. We love you, Becky Hazel Nischwitz

  • Mike Ruetschle


  • Mark Ruetschle

    Bother Steve you are awesome! We are so proud of you and love you so much.

  • carol ngo

    The Lord is Always Good…..Go Steve go !!!!

  • Roger and Jerri Oliver

    Dear Steve,

    Wa-a-a-ay to Go! We know this took an incredible amount of determination. Our thoughts and prayers for you are constant.

    Much LOVE,
    Roger and Jerri Oliver

  • Angelic Que


  • Lisa Olason

    You are a warrior, Steve, and we believe in you, Steve!!

  • Kristin

    This photo reminds me of the black and white photos of the famous explorer, Earnest Henry Shackleton, during his Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914-1917). His ship's name was “Endurance” and he accomplished amazing things and lived through astounding hardships. There is a look in Steve's eye that reminds me of Shackleton's gaze. God Bless all the Ruetschle's through this most arduous journey (that few can really comprehend). I pray for you daily.

  • Ruth Carpio

    Go Pastor Steve go! Perhaps the next entry will be sent by you using the ipad!
    We love you and Michelle dearly and miss you greatly!


  • Naomi Diaz (UCM)

    Wow, with all the “pain” that goes with it…it is a miracle. Magnificent recovery. You amaze us Pastor Steve. Praise God. We eagerly await His wonderful miracles in you Pastor Steve. Glory to His Name.

  • Allison Henry

    You truly are amazing. Your strength and faith and spirit inspire is all.

  • sandra

    GO! GO! GO!!! 5 Hours! A mountain you have climbed…AWESOME! From the “famous” words of Dory from the epic movie 'Finding Nemo' :), “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim.” GO PASTOR STEVE!!!!!!!

  • sue and jim economides

    Wow Steve……….committment, courage, love and Michelle's kiss of encouragement…..amazing Grace!
    love to you ALL, sue and jim economides and family

  • Lizvinson

    Dear Steve- We are Fairview High School classmates of your parents.Our winters in FL with them are always filled with news of their children and their families . We feel as if we have met you! We also have you in our daily prayers and are so glad to learn your folks will be with you this weekend. Your perseverance is marvelous … In God's Peace….Liz & Ron Vinson

  • linda

    You are an inspiration. I think this all takes a lot of guts and courage. Thank you for your witness. I know where your strength comes from.

  • Gina Gentile

    Steve-What determination and perseverance! Praying daily for you for sleep/rest for your body, focused and productive therapy times, pain relief, and that you will do what you can for each day….Gina Gentile

  • Kim

    Steve, I am so amazed and proud of you. Know I am rooting you on every moment of the day! Love you…..Sis, Kim

  • Nate Bunting

    Ready to take life on! Great photo!

  • Brad

    Go Steve!!!!

    Lord, You are a Great and wondrous Mystery to us, Your beloved children. We can scarcely help engaging in the folly of trying to understand Your Will, and the gift of our lives. in a wholeness only You can know, from Alpha to Omega. Surely Your Will is embraced by Steve and Michelle. Surely You understand and receive every earnest prayer from us your children (even mine), that Your Will include some (more) grand miracles for Steve, even the full restoration of his body's broken places. All glory to You! We hold Steve up to You in our collective love, even though You are already in him.

  • Bonnie Stalter

    You are doin' it ! Phil 4:13

  • Marilou Shough


    The Lord bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand, as He delights in you and your family for your great FAITH. We continue our prayers in your behalf.

    Don Shough Family

  • Janet M. Darling

    Don't ever let yourself be robbed of that warm smile Steve!

    I'm sorry for the circumstances that is allowing me to connect once again with you but am so glad to hear of your progress. I look forward to singing again with you sometime soon.

    My prayers and smiles are with you.
    Janet Darling

  • Jineric2004

    Way to go, Pastor Steve!! You and your family are always in our thoughts & prayers.

    In Christ,

    Eric & Jin Babao

  • Michelle Cox

    Fabulous progress! Keep going!

  • Susan and Buddy

    I barely remember you from high school, but did recognize the name and your face from our pastor's post in Kettering Ohio. Please know that as a brother and sister in Christ we are in deep prayer for your family and for your recovery. May God dwell in your richly through your recovery.

    Buddy and Susan Bowser