A few videos from the day

A small glimpse into one of Steve’s recent rehab days at Harborview (courtesy of Allen Wolf):

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  • mike ruetschle

    go brother go!!!!!

  • B Snider

    Oh Yeah, Steve. You look great! I know you will one day walk again. These pictures bring tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing! Go friend Go!

  • joy j. aromin

    Go Pastor Steve! We love you!

    Benj, Joy and Joshua

  • Erica Hutcheson

    Yeah! Praise God! You’re doing great!

  • Joseph & May Uy

    Hi…I like your sideburns…you look like Elvis Presley…ha ha…

    • RuthnCarpio

      I always thought he’s a taller version of Edward Norton :-)

  • Becky Hazel Nischwitz

    Steve-oh my how the tears are flowing here…..I am amazed at your video in the pool. You have the drive and stamina and dedication that it takes to get better. Over time you will have so much more independence,,,praise God. We continue to pray for your healing and strength for both of you and Michelle. Continue to show us these great movements. We love you , Becky

  • Kathryn Dodson Campbell

    I too have tears when u see you stand in the pool! I kept yelling go Steve go! It is also great to see you smile, it is so refreshing!

  • Lorine

    Standing in the water – that is a miracle! God is not through with you yet Steve!

  • Fred Davis

    Awesome videos – I couldn’t be more moved than to see Steve standing, moving his feet & balancing in the pool. We continue to pray everyday for physical healing and strength as well as emotional, spiritual and financial provision for every need.

  • Kim Smelser (from Firwood)

    Loved seeing the joy and determination on your face while in the pool STANDING! Tears came to my eyes as I watched you stand up much like when I saw my babies standing for the first time! You are amazing and I am loving watching this story unfold! Prayers for you and Michelle as you prepare to go and be HOME with your family! Love you El Guapo! Go Go Go!

  • Ron

    this is better than church!!! This IS church!!

  • Joe_dodson


    What a long way you have come. I know how it feels when your body doesn’t respond to your mental commands. It’s frustrating, it’s tiring, it’s so daily. Yet the Parkinson’s I battle every day is but a small nusance in the daily scheme of things. ‘

    You have a bigger hill to climb. But I see in you the determination and desire to do what it takes.

    I can see a strong Christian whose ministry today and in the future will just continue to grow and expand, reaching more people than you or I could even have imagined when we first met at First Presbyterian Church in Bellevue.

    Joe Dodson

    “If you can believe all things are possible to him who believes” Mark 9:23

  • Marcus Brotherton

    Steve, you’ve got what it takes. You are entirely the Man.

  • Lizcoon

    WOW!! That is AWESOME!! Big improvement from when I last saw you which was not a very long time ago! GREAT JOB!! p.s. This is from Matthew (not my mom even though it says her name).

  • Riezl and Anne

    Standing on the promises that cannot fail,
    When the howling storms of doubt and fear assail,
    By the living Word of God I shall prevail,
    Standing on the promises of God.
    Standing, standing,
    Standing on the promises of God my Savior;
    Standing, standing,
    I’m standing on the promises of God.
    (excerpt from “Standing on the Promises” | Russell K. Carter)

    Go, Go, Go, Pastor Steve!

    riezl and anne

  • Nate Bunting

    Its great seeing you standing! You’re practically ready to baptize people!!!

  • RuthnCarpio

    Oh great! You are walking on water! !

  • Joriemat2237

    My first expression: “Ayan nakakatayo!” Meaning, There! He’s standing! What a beautiful sight! Go,go,go, Pastor Steve!

  • Deborahannegustafson

    Tears of joy are running down my face. How lovely!!! Hip Hip Hooray.


  • Rockprod98

    Oh, I’m crying!! How incredible to see Steve standing. Oh, thank you Father for your continuing healing touch of our beloved friend. Linda Muench

  • Chris Martenson

    I love you Steve.

  • Iris Moya

    It’s wonderful … simply amazing … to see Pastor Steve standing!!! PRAISE OUR WONDERFUL CREATOR & HEALER!!!! We continue to pray for strength, healing and restoration! We love you, Pastor Steve!!

    bon, iris, sam & kiersten