A note from Kim

A note from Kim… (Steve’s Sister)

My husband Greg and I spent last weekend in Seattle. It was great to see Steve, Michelle, the boys and to meet new friends like Heather, Sean and Annie. Greg and I arrived Friday and spent several hours at Harborview with Steve. I will always be grateful for that afternoon together sharing memories of the past few months, old times together and the possibilities of what lies ahead. Since time alone with Steve is such a rare commodity, Greg and I felt like we won the lottery. What a treasure that afternoon at Harborview has become.

Saturday arrived and Steve came home! What a miracle that was… His boys anxiously awaited and prepared for his arrival. Finally, their Papa would be home. For me, the mere realization of Steve and Michelle’s new life together began to unfold. A myriad of questions, decisions and uncertainty abound.

That being said, I know in time those questions will have answers, decisions will be made and a new normal will arrive. A new life together will be born! Michelle is an incredible woman, wife and mother to whom I will forever be grateful for everything she has done and continues to do for Steve and her family, for loving my brother unconditionally and in the most humbling of ways.

Thank you dear Michelle…Thank you!

Greg and I were so grateful to have been part of his homecoming this weekend. What a gift that was seeing my brother navigating around his new home with that infamous smile that everyone has come to recognize and love. A dinner of Thai food (Steve’s favorite) and a toast with close friends and family completed the evening. As Sean said so well…love was abound!

For me, leaving Seattle on Monday morning was extremely hard. As his only sister my heart aches in ways words will not express that so much distance lies between us. The plane ride home was spent in quiet and tearful meditation…for each tear shed a moment of gratitude laid before God for our time together along with a gentle request for the many needs of this family. That their new normal arrives sooner than later, and that this community of both friends and strangers continue to embrace and love and look after my brother, sister-in-law and family.

With love and hope from afar…

- Kim and Greg

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  • Roger and Helen, UCM

    Not only is Steve special, his family is special. Thanks Kim for sharing with us your experience. God’s love abounds, and so does his healing power. That never changes and will continue to work in Steve’s body and mind until he is restored. Never doubt……!

  • Cbsample

    How many, many people who might never have known each other are now being connected in faith, hope and love through these difficult events God is using for good. “They will know we are Christians by our love”

  • baby

    Amen to that Kim. Our prayers will see them through. God is good ALL THE TIME.

  • Lucy Dy

    From: Sister Marissa Lichauco
    Date: September 8, 2010, 9:56A.M.

    Dear Steve and Michelle,
    Recently I came across this article from our local Philippine Star writing about a Filipina Physician in Seattle who specializes in rehabilitation. I thought of Steve at once and I’m sending you this article for whatever help it might offer you.

    We are here at Lucy Dy’s Office. Baby Ledesma and I rushed over to your office after our Wednesday Prayer Session at the Drysdale home where we always pray for you. In Lucy’s Office, we were informed that what you need most is a good caregiver. This doctor might be able to help you find one from the Philippines. We leave it in God’s Hands.

    We keep you in our hearts and in our prayers. Much love, Sister Marissa Lichauco and Baby Ledesma

  • Sharon Black

    I agree, Kim. Michelle is amazing. Perfectly said.