Steve standing in the kitchen

With a little assistance Steve is able to stand on his own for brief periods of time.

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  • Bstalter

    Wow… awesome. can tell he has been working hard to strengthen his core muscles.

  • Jody and Einar

    Way to go, Pastor Steve! Woohoo! Thank you for keeping us updated with your progress. You are truly an inspiration to us. We continue to pray for your good-as-ever physical and over all health condition. God bless you, Michelle, the 3 boys and all of your family members.

  • Lauren Enkema Bishop

    May God continue to bless you as you continue on this path. I am praying for you and your family constantly.

  • Annie

    WOW! What a long way you have come, Steve! Keep up the good fight! You are steadily in our thoughts and prayers!

    Annie (and the Roths)

  • Pmbentz

    Awesome! Continuing to pray for total healing. pb

  • Jodi Durr

    Wow! That is amazing to watch. God is really working miracles and it’s amazing to see.

  • Steve Quant

    God is good! Great job pastor (and Family!!!)

  • Carol Kuiken

    Amazing. We prayed for all of you in our small group last night and I especially prayed for good health for you Michelle and all of the kids. We will continue to pray for you all.

  • Sarah Booker

    Praise the Lord! This is a wonderful sight to see. Will continue to pray as God heals.

  • Pieterhaniki

    Praying that you will get stronger and that soon you’ll be walking! We are praying for you, and your family for strength and patience.
    Pieter and Haniki

  • Genrideout

    Praise God!!!! He makes the blind see and the lame walk! And you Super Steve are HIS CHILD whom HE loves dearly!! We ae sooo blessed to pray with you for every neuron to fire at HIS WILL!!! hugs Rideouts!

  • Cbsample

    This is terrific. God SO at work in and through you guys. Gives me far more hope with my own much smaller challenges.

  • Sharon Chen AW Tribe 2003

    Amazing Steve — great job! Your persistence and strength, spiritual and physical and emotional, is inspirational. I’m continuing to pray for you and your family, and for your healing.

  • Debbie Spitler-SD

    I am so encouraged and amazed by what you are doing! God is working through you and helping you…no doubt.
    Bless you and your beautiful family.

  • Marilyn Wilt

    Awesome … God is at work in and through you.

  • john dettoni

    Wow! Will these bones live again? Only the Soverign Lord knows. But he is saying to Steve: rise and walk — slowly but surely those bones and muscles and nerves will get their act together and you will dance before the Lord in this life time!! A prophet, I am not. A seer, I am not. A believer, I am. And this will happen. john dettoni

  • Klenks

    God’s miracles continue :)

  • Debbie

    We are so encouraged and empowered to see the very hope and love of Jesus in you…living and breathing, and standing. These past few Sundays, the sermons at UCM were taken from Acts 1-4, centering on the miraculous healing by Peter of the crippled man at the Temple Gates. How wonderful to see that very Scripture alive in this 21st century of jadedness and callousness…that the very same is so powerfully true…so, we rejoice with you Pastor Steve as you rise, stand up, and soon walk IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!!!

  • Billy

    Clinically, this is EXTREMELY uncommon. Fortunately, God is not concerned nor limited by clinical norms. I’m optimistic for things to come!

    • Genniego

      Yes Billy I agrees with you 100%. He is going to Walk again through God and to heal completely.

  • Mary Braden

    God’s love and healing is indeed at work in your body. Awesome. Mary Braden, Seattle, Wa.

  • Amelita

    Wow, what an achievement!!! The Lord be praised!!!

  • Raallender

    oh, my, STEVE! FABULOUS! WAY TO WORK AND BELIEVE! You are the best. Praise to our Father in Heaven!

  • Jhorlacher263206

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow
    Praise Him all creatures here below
    Praise Him above ye heavenly host
    Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost

    this is what went through my mind watching the video

    kris horlacher

  • Celesta Warner

    Praise the Lord!!! Just amazing! Keep up the good work. Blessings, Celesta Warner–Dayton, OH

  • Allison Henry

    WOW WOW and WOW… that is absolutely amazing!!!!

  • Joanna Smith

    Fantastic! Nice to have a ‘high’ to hold on to, when there are many ‘lows’ to also deal with. Thinking of you guys. Joanna.

  • Jeri

    What a wonderful sight! Much more than anyone dared hope for a couple of months ago. There is no limit to the goodness and capacity of God.

  • A Elliott

    God is so good!

  • Naomi Solomon

    so amazing! pray for you all!

  • Joe_dodson

    Great work Steve. Joe Dodson

  • joy aromin


  • shirani lewis

    Great is Thy faithfulness oh Lord !

  • Maija Vance

    Wow, amazing. Tim and I sit and read your latest entry Michelle and watch the video. We are praying for you.

  • Tom Diederich

    Steve, outstanding! (I didn’t mean the pun — but like it now that I see it.) You’re getting stronger every day, Steve. Stronger each and every single day!

  • Avedomdom

    It is the Lord!!!! I see the good Lord in the midst of all these wonderful things happening to you ,Pastor Steve. Let us keep the faith and in God’s time, you shall be back at UCM standing and preaching. We miss you. We continue to praise and thank God for your continued recovery.

  • Jen2oz2

    That is very exciting!

  • Olive Hafenstein

    What a wonderful sight! We keep praying!

  • Cecille Espiritu

    We’re in for a miracle. Hallelujah. Pastor Steve, you did preach on prayer and healing before all these happened. We believed and so it shall be. Hallelujah. Look forward to your next sermon on healing. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

  • Jolly

    Really awesome! Go Pastor Steve! We are always praying! God be praised! :-)

  • Linda Broch

    Pastor Steve, I am standing there beside you, holding you up, lifting you up to the Lord, and claiming His promises for those who are faithful.
    May God’s blessings continue to rain down on you, Michelle, the boys and all those around you.

  • Iris Moya

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! God is so good!!! May He continue to strengthen you & the whole family – mind, body and soul! We await the next miracle … =)

  • Barb

    Praise God. Wish you could see the smiles and hear the cheers. Fight on.

  • Roger and Jerri Oliver

    Praise God! Prayers are answered and will continue to be. Here is the evidence to date!

  • Sarahgvogt

    So happy for this latest miracle, Michelle and Steve. We are going to talk to Norma to see if she would like to go out and help you as a live in. Much love, Sarah and Jeff, Alex, Jake, Vadim and Anna

  • Rhonda Speaker

    Way to go Steve! Thank you God!!

  • Jayoder

    You keep showing us how God works miracles. Stay with him Lord.!!!

  • Barry

    Way to go Steve! With God all things are possible. Barry DeShetler

  • Jay R

    So awsome. Keep pushing forward Steve. Complete inspiration.

  • Fenty

    I will keep praying for you :) I can’t wait to meet you and your family again on my next holiday just like in Thailand last December :) God bless you and your family, pastor Steve

  • James_md_bg

    Oh my! I am amazed. God is truly amazing! I know this is hard work -try to keep your spirits up and let these miracles keep you motivated. I am always praying for you and Michelle! Love, Elizabeth James

  • Beckysmail

    Steve- Had to watch it twice cause I had tears in my eyes the first time. We love you and are soooo proud of what you are doing for yourself. Many in your position would give up and stop trying, but you are such an inspiration to all of us. You will walk again!!! I just feel it in my heart

  • Psbryant

    WOW! You go Steve!! This video is awe inspiring. God’s amazing grace, healing and your determination are the GREATEST

    In His Love,

  • sandra

    OMH&GL (Oh My Holy & Gracious Lord)!!! Again, I don’t personally know you Steve, but this video put tears in my eyes!!! What a BEAUTIFUL site to see! Keep up the wonderful work! I had a stroke in 2004. A brain bleed from some brain surgery that I had. It took me 3 months to get out of the hospital Harborview and UW Medical) with most of my mobility back. You’ve been through MUCH MUCH MUCH more than I have and look at what you’ve accomplished in 3 months!!! Even after 6 years, I still have nerve pain on the left side of my body where it feels like it’s burning. So, the nerve part of the injury I’ve been told, takes the longest to heal. But, wow…you’re standing. Not a long time, but never the less…STANDING!!! Day to day, things will feel challenging and difficult and not so positive. But please recognize and grab hold to all the positive. Look where you’ve come from…it is an AMAZING journey so far. You and Michelle are doing an AMAZING job…GOD is doing an AMAZING job…everyone who loves you (family, friends and this large community of strangers such as me) we ALL love you and your family! You’re beautiful!! Michelle is beautiful! Your boys are beautiful! KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!!! The bridge seems very long and goal so far away…but you are closer than you can imagine!!! I just feel it!!! WOW!

  • Kikomnl

    praise god praise god praise god!!!!! this is a joyous miracle to see!!!!! keep it up Pastor steve!!! we have faith in Christ for all things.

  • rhon

    This is wonderful! Thank God! Praise God!

  • Colleenvanmatre

    Bless the Lord o my soul…let all that is within me bless His holy name. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget none of His benefits…who forgives all your sins, who heals all your diseases….who crowns you with love and compassion so that your youth is rewewed like the eagles’
    Psalm 103

  • Christine Mantlo

    Stand firm! Stand firm! Stand firm Pastor Steve! The scripture that I see every morning on our kitchen counter is I CAN DO ALL THINGS THOUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME. You can stand at the kitchen sink through Christ who strengthens you. You can through Christ! Amen! We love you and continue to pray and believe that you will walk again.

  • Julie

    “Nothing is impossible to God.” Luke 1:37

  • Claire Skeggs

    My heart is steadfast, O God;
    I will sing and make music with all my soul.
    Awake, harp and lyre!
    I will awaken the dawn.
    I will praise you, O Lord, among the nations;
    I will sing of you among the peoples.
    For great is your love, higher than the heavens;
    your faithfulness reaches to the skies.
    Be exalted, O God, above the heavens,
    and let your glory be over all the earth.

    (Psalm 108:1-5)
    Dear Pastor Steve and Michelle,
    We are just quiet here…. observing … but we have not stopped praying…
    To God be the glory all the time! We’re praying that you shall walk again and more!

    Love from Andrew & Claire Skeggs, Brisbane

  • Justinasumathi

    Praise the Lord!His wonders never cease.I am so happy to see Pastor Steve on his feet.I continue to hope in HIM who makes all things possible.
    Love ,

  • Rebecca lwin

    What a miracle!! I am praising the Lord!! Way to go, Pastor Steve!
    Rebecca Lwin

  • Heather Kilgour

    What absolutely wonderful news and photo. Rejoicing with you. Praise you Lord. Go Pastor Steve!

    Heather K

  • Claudiacairo

    I am so happy!!! Thanks God!!! We continue to pray for you, and for your family… !!! Thanks God!!

  • Greggfarah

    you’re a stud, my friend! pretty soon you’ll be making me b’fast. (I like pancakes)
    Love you much!

  • Nadine

    Thank you, Jesus! What a wonderful sight!
    Michelle and Steve, may God continue to bless you in the rehabilitation work. We pray for you everyday in our home and when we are at UCM during services and at SDG.
    Praise God, Almighty Father!

  • Susan

    Praise God!

  • lowie

    hello sir steve,
    i am hopefull you will be guided by our Savour.. i could really see the desire and inspiration that God is empowering you.. miss you and your family..

    with prayers,