3 Videos of Steve Walking

These first two were shot by Michelle during a rehab session at Harborview

This video was shot by Mark Ruetschle (Steve’s brother) at Pushing Boundaries:

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  • Juls Deleon

    awesome. : )

  • Sarah B

    Praise the Lord! This is glorious to see. I know you’re still enmeshed with hard times, but oh the joy of these moments. Dwell on that. And God’s Great Goodness throughout.

  • Lorraine

    that is very exciting and very WONDERFUL! Praise God! Steve I do not know you personally…but rather met you via a mutual FB friend and have followed your recovery. I am so happy for you and your family! This is tremendous…and God is so faithful!
    He Who Began a Good Work in YOU is Faithful to Complete It!” For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began agood work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus”
    Philippians 1:6 May the Lord continue to bless you and your family Steve! Praise the Lord…He is so very faithful!

  • Mei Li Vos

    big smiles….

  • KarenBergevin

    Wow! This brought tear to my eyes! I’m praying for the tough stuff, but this is such an encouragement!

  • Roger and Jerri

    Thank you for sharing these. We are shedding tears of joy and thanksgiving.
    We trust that God will continue to provide courage, strength and guidance in the days ahead.
    Surely, His goodness overflows.

    Roger and Jerri

  • Allisonhenry1

    That’s such a beautiful thing to see through the tears streaming down my face.

  • Meg Molinsky Jones

    WOW, I am praising God right now for the progress! Looking forward to the next miracle God has in store for you all! Thank you for sharing such an inspirational video!
    God bless you!
    Meg Molinsky Jones

  • Mary Braden

    That is so awesome, Steve! I am believing that God has a miracle of complete healing for you. Michelle, your love and support of Steve is beyond words. May God bless you in all you do.

  • Heather, Steven and Sophie

    Fabulous, wonderful, exciting, wow! Thinking of you all and sending positive thoughts your way.

  • Lisa Fann

    This is CRAZY beautiful!

  • Einar and Jody

    Walking! Woohoo! What great joy to see you and the miracles that happen to you! Next, Walking hand in hand with Michelle! Then Wrestling with the 3 boys! Then Wrunning! :)

  • Sarahbeuerle

    Dear Michelle and Steve,
    God’s awesome power is so present in these videos. To watch your journey through this darkness has been so humbling. It was with great rejoicing to see Steve make those steps on all the videos today. God is good and this is a huge answer to prayer.
    Sarah Beuerle

  • Jan Mickelson

    Praise God!!! I don’t even know you, but have followed your story. This brings tears to my eyes.

  • Amyheckman23

    Absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Brings tears to my eyes!! we are praying!!!

  • Bhilliard

    Way to go, Steve!!!!!! So thrilled for this great progress. Praise God!!! Miss you friend.

  • Glen Braden

    What joy this brings!!!! What an amazing testimony. You should NOT be able to do this, brother! I am so excited for you! Next task – jumping for joy!

  • Patti Harris

    We are fearfully and wonderfully made! To think just 8 weeks ago we were rejoicing about toes moving and hours sitting in a wheelchair! WOW! What restoration! God is good!

  • Debbie Priest

    Steve and Michelle, what a privilege to share in this amazing journey. I know that the cost to you both has been unspeakable. You have been chosen to be God’s instrument to show us His glory. I am a more tender person because of your testimony. Debbie Priest Dayton, Ohio

  • Nev Delfin

    God answers prayers! With the multitude that prays for you, Pastor Steve, He cannot NOT answer all our prayers ;-) way to go! we are cheering for you…
    God is so good, Michelle! Praying more for complete & total healing for P. Steve, and strength of body & spirit for you..
    Love, the Delfin Family (UCM)

  • Lovelyne Mariano

    GO, PASTOR STEVE!!!!!!!!!!
    As your therapist holds you by your torso, OUR DEAR LORD is lifting ang moving your feet and legs moving you forward!!! GOGOGO!!!!
    To GOD be ALL GLORY!!!!!! =)

  • Lovelyne Mariano

    Michelle, Let me now greet you…HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY!!! =)))))

  • Riezl and Anne

    “We Are Walking in the Light Of God” (An Old but true Praise Song)

    We are walking in the light of God,
    We are walking in the light of God.

    We are walking in the light of God,
    We are walking in the light of God.

    We are walking, walking,
    We are walking, walking,
    We are walking in the light of God.


    Caminamos en la luz de Dios

    Caminamos, Vamos
    Caminamos, Vamos
    Caminamos en la luz de Dios


    Siya humba ku ken yeni kwen kos

    Siya humba, humba
    Siya humba, humba
    siya humba ku ken yeni kwen kos

  • Jhorlacher263206

    Amazing grace how sweet the sound (and sight in this video)!

    kris horlacher

  • Melody DuBois

    OK, so we’re all sitting at our computers — around the world! — crying right along with Michelle. And in every tear is a prayer of praise to our great God for what He is doing, and what He will yet do. BLESSED be His Name!

    (P.S. That song — Blessed Be the Name of the Lord — was sung in the first service at UCM last week. I just imagine that every single person there was thinking of you guys as we sang it.)

  • http://muminflipflops.com Cyrene Fabros

    Praise GOD for all the wonderful, beautiful miracles that He’s bringing into your lives!! We are so honored to witness them right along with you. Hallelujah!

  • Joannasmith

    Wow! What a long way you have already come! Yes, a long way to go, but this is most definitely miraculous progress!

  • Marlihivers

    wow! what a beautiful thing! these made me weep!!

  • Avedomdom

    These videos brought me happy tears. How amazing our God is! All praises and glory to Him who alone can make this miracle happen. God is using you, Michelle and Pastor Steve, to encourage all of us out here who are burdened by life’s problems and trials. Everything seems (no! ), is actually easier and lighter knowing we have God beside us always. We just ask and He giveth. Continuing to pray for you and eagerly and faithfully anticipating for God’s next works of wonder. Lots of love to you.

  • debbie

    This is such a heart-touching and uplifting moment. Pastor Steve, you with your genteel and tender demeanor…now amaze us with your tenacity and doggedness to take yet another, and another step. Michelle, what a joy it is to hear your tinkling laughter in the background, your sighs for “My love”…even if you were offcam, I could feel the smile and lightness in your voice, and I praise God for that because we sensed your weariness in your last few postings. We are grateful that God has heard our prayers for renewed joy and strength for both of you.

    Seeing the videos for the first time brought to mind an old favorite hymn, “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms”. . .

    Oh, how sweet to walk in this pilgrim way,
    Leaning on the everlasting arms;
    Oh, how bright the path grows from day to day,
    Leaning on the everlasting arms.

    What have I to dread, what have I to fear,
    Leaning on the everlasting arms?
    I have blessed peace with my Lord so near,
    Leaning on the everlasting arms.

  • Johnandjodywilson

    I am sitting here, singing the song Riezl quoted as I tearfully, joyfully watch what God is bringing about. What a faith-building living song you are, Steve! Keep “walking in the Light of God!! We praise the Lord for these step by step miracles and accomplishments!

  • Carole_madison

    Can’t praise the Lord enough for these videos of Steve walking!!!! your Denver prayer partners

  • Researcher55

    Praise the Lord!!! :) We continue to pray for you all. May the Lord give you fresh encouragement each day and strength for tomorrow. Love, Geri & Harry

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/PZLHORWAZ6NMJYHTNSHII3O2AA Amelita

    congratulations! Literally a “big step”!!! you will surely be walking in no time. Hold on with faith to God’s arms.
    I thought I would never be able to walk myself for quite a while. It’s been 8 months now for me, and finally I was able to join the girls again in walking around Dasmariñas Village with still some tightness on the knee but I can do it. Thanks be to God.
    He really helped me do it.

  • Deborahannegustafson

    WOW! WOW! Thrilled! Go Steve Go!

  • Holly Reines

    Simply Incredible Progress.

  • Jenny Warner

    praise, praise, PRAISE!!!

  • Carlac

    Wonderful Wonderful! Everyday a new mercy, His mercies never come to an end.

  • Claritaskeggs

    This is the very first time I’ve seen him walking, taking his first couple of steps. (I had been “away” for sometime, and had not been updated.) As I watched now, I wanted to ask Michelle if she was crying, because I was crying myself. (I am sure she was crying a river of tears of joy!) It’s so magnificent, God’s faithfulness is!

  • Claritaskeggs

    ‎”Why leave the disciples, and also us, in the world?” Believers are left in the world and allowed to pass through every kind of circumstance in order that God’s glory is seen IN HIS FAITHFULNESS AND POWER to hold their love and IN HIS GRACE to lift them above. Only after one is in heaven will one discover all the evil… power that was arrayed against different individuals in different situations, in different ages and nations, and the sufficiency of GOD’S GRACE to keep them. Then God will be glorified for His wisdom, goodness, power and His love. (Rainsford, “Our Lord Prays for His Own”, pages 114, 172-181.)

  • Jeff and Sarah

    One “small” step for Steve! Yahoo! And one big leap in yet again displaying and affirming faith, hope, love ….and true grit…
    — to the power of prayer, Him and all that is good.
    Loving this and you are in our hearts and prayers …

  • Beth Shipley

    We weep with joy as well … Bravo! Our God is gracious. With love, Beth

  • Sue Dryer

    Too exciting. I found myself whispering, “Thank you, Lord” while I was watching.

  • Roger and Helen – UCM

    Totally awesome. “They shall soar with wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint”.

  • Devonnacurrah

    Yes! Yeah! So beautiful!
    How great is our God!
    all our love, Brad and Devonna

  • Eunjoo choi

    Its Soooooooooooooooooooooo ~ Wonderful ! Maganda… Great, Magnificent job Pastor Steve ^^
    Thanks God!!! very much.

  • Claudia Jamardo

    OwwHH!!! Thanks God.. I am so happy for you Pastor Steve,,, for your family and for us in the church.. We hope to see you soon here in Manila. Thanks be to God..!!!!!

  • Steve gaultney

    Thank you Michelle for your wonderful and inspirational writings. Steve, you are amazing. The two of you are such an inspiration that I’m tearing up even writing this. Thank you for letting us share your journey, and cry and rejoice along with. Know that Community Church is praying alongside you! Thanks be to God!

  • Pastordot

    The Lord will surely perfect what He has started

  • Patricia Lamb

    God is good.

  • Shana

    What a privilege to witness — even via video, halfway around the world — a miracle. Our hearts overflow with thankfulness, awe, and wonder. Steve, I can’t wait to see you walk up to the front of the sanctuary at UCM to preach one of your powerful sermons again. Michelle, how precious to see the first video as if through your eyes, to hear your sighs, laughter of delight, sniffles of tears as I sniffled along with you. We are walking with you, and your family.

  • Erica Liu Wollin

    Thanks for sharing this incredible moment with all of us! We showed your video at church on Sunday and everyone was crying with you and inspired by your courage and perseverance! What a blessing!! However, I also know not all days are like this, and there are plenty of days when you are overwhelmed by the number of setbacks before you…know that you are loved and protected and scaffolded by hope on those days as well. We love you and send lots of hugs your way!

  • Mlv

    Wow! Congratulations Steve…Thank God for you fortitude and faith. May The Lord continue to lift your heart and bless you and your family as you move forward with this journey. Was in Sunday School so didn’t see this in church…just as powerful!
    mary and nury vittachi HK

  • Shehuy93

    Awesomely Awesome!!!