Four videos of Steve

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  • Ron

    I certainly hope we all realize that we are seeing biblical-degree miracles here. Just breathtaking really. Love you brother – so grateful for the exemple of faith and perseverance you set for the rest of us.

  • Anonymous

    Hi to all the Ruestschles – I haven’t posted much, but you continue to be in my prayers. But THESE…..these videos just made me weep with joy! Wow – Steve – wow! Amazing. Praise God.

  • Pee Wee Tarrazona

    We are witnessing a miracle!!!

  • Jody

    Pastor Steve (drum roll here) Wooooooot woooooot!!! Way to go! Obviously, you have been working so hard and God is so good! God so loves you. He is working on all your nerves and every fiber. You are breaking all my expectations waaaay ahead of the timetable! I am sooooooo happy to see your progress. Praises, praises!

  • Zaida

    With every step, God’s miracle is being displayed. We praise God for the wonderful things He has been doing in your life and in your family’s life. Your determination is encouragement to us. We miss you here at UCM and looking forward to seeing you again. God Bless!

  • brian piatt

    what an awsome sight Steve,I am going to look for a Superman costume ,and send it to you.Praise God,for what he has done.You are one awsome man of God,and your wife is beyond what words can describe.Love you my friend,BRIAN PIATT

  • lowie

    yes!!!!!!!!!!! sir steve you are on your very good way..thanks God!! lowie

  • Kristi Wolswijk

    I have goose bumps on top of goose bumps watching these videos. So very incredible to witness. I can’t wait to see what you will be doing next. Love and hugs from kristi and Ron

  • Tiffany

    Malia says “WOW that walking one is really… GOOD.” She couldn’t believe it. And as for me… well, it’s purely miraculous! I love it. Glory be…

  • Jodi Durr

    Praise the Lord!!! What a huge week! Way to go God…way to go Steve.

  • Barbara Peterson

    Steve and Michelle – What a delight to see you today at the Picasso Exhibit preview at SAM. Seeing these videos, it becomes even clearer why you were beaming…your earlier Harborview visit had great successes. God is so faithful! He pulls order out of cubism’s version of our lives. With continued prayer for each step forward, Barbara & Warren

  • Cyrene Fabros

    Amazing! Robert and I are simply astounded at the miracles displayed with every step that you take, Pastor Steve. We fully believe you will be walking, leaping and praising God along with us right here in Manila soon. Our prayers are continually with your entire family. May His blessings flow in every detail of your lives.

  • Allison Henry

    My mouth is so far wide open and my face is smiling so big that my cheeks hurt. It is truly a miracle to see Steve so tall…

  • Carol

    oh my goodness.. the kitchen video made me burst into tears for joy for you! thanking God.. then i started laughing when he was asked to rinse the dishes off!! that’s awesome!!! still praying!

  • Vanessa Spier

    What a thrill this is! So lovely to see you improving and even better to hear your voices on the video and hear your joy! Keep it up! :)

  • Heather Atkins

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

  • Deborahannegustafson

    I like the movement

  • Kim

    WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! My jaw just dropped as I watched the first (top) video, then proceeded to bounce on the floor as I watched the other three. In the last one, I love that Steve is just strolling along while Michelle & the therapist chat about concerts. Its so relaxed, yet amazing things are happening within. Our God certainly is a great big God and an amazing healer.

    I miss you both tons – UCM just isn’t the same without you. Love you and joining in with so many as we pray you through this trial.

  • Joe_dodson

    My eyes filled with tears, but my heart filled with JOY!

    Steve and Michelle,

    God has great plans for you.

    I see a future filled hope and service, work and reward.

    I see new ministry to help other who face the same kind of a mountain you are climbing today.

    I see God using you to inspire others.

    The road my at times be steep, the path my be twisted, the way ahead not always clear.

    But GOD is good, he will not test you beyond your ability. He will sent and angels to help.

    Be open to him and he will supply.

    Remember his promises!

    “But those who wait on the Lord
    Shall renew their strength;
    They shall mount up with
    wings like eagles.
    They shall run and not be
    They shall walk and not faint.”

    God has great things ahead for you.

    Lace up!

    Joe Dodson

  • Cheryl Williams Johnson

    This is sooo awesome. I know the road has been a long one to this point but WOW!!! I am so joyful for you all!!! Keep it up Steve.

  • Roger and Jerri Oliver

    How wonderfully awesome!
    Tears of thankfullness and joy.
    We continue our daily prayers for God’s goodness as evidenced in Steve’s amazing progress.

    Roger and Jerri

  • Bstalter

    Wahoo !!

  • Larry

    Can’t you hear us shouting, can’t you hear us cheering, can’t you hear us crying tears of joy at every step at every motion at every move; can’t you hear?

  • Margotowen

    Steve’s Haiku

    God’s goodness fires nerves
    muscles tighten bones bear weight
    walking miracle

    weeping for joy!-Margs

  • Paul Moment

    Our hearts are singing with every new step you take to independence, Steve. We’ve been praying every night for specific parts of your soul/body and we all, Amira especially, have been excited to see your strength and connections rebuilding/returning. Miche, your energy and sleep are also at the front of all our prayers – we’re so happy you guys have been able to start resting again. From a distance, this strikes me like having a new baby – the uneven hours, the extra planning, the profound re-contextualization of all of these mundane life things, even the joy over new movements. Rewarding, and completely exhausting. I wish we could be closer to assist, but know you have our nightly prayers and daily thoughts. Love you both dearly.

  • Patrick&Dawn

    What a marvelous sight. We are overwhelmed with joy!

  • Angelic_que

    Praise God who blesses your efforts with more moves and surer steps! We miss you at church…and look forward to seeing all of you again. Thanks for the videos. So encouraging!!!!

  • Jeri

    Amazing change between the first effort at the parallel bars and this most recent video. So much steadier. Confidence-filled trust builds with every step. The great cloud of witnesses is cheering every move, every drop of sweat-filled struggle.

  • Lisa Fann

    Your walking is astonishing, but the beauty of both your spirits through this valley is AWEsome. How could anything be more glorious than you walking again, yet your hearts outshine even that.

  • Jhorlacher263206

    Oh my. Speechless. Amazed – Never surprised.

    kris horlacher

  • Greggfarah

    Dude. The progress seen in these videos from the previous ones is amazing. God God! Go Steve and Michelle!

  • Joannasmith

    Very very cool! Still cheering you all on! Nice to hear of sleep, too!

  • Lorrie

    YOU GO STEVE! just back from Uganda and Rwanda and weeping as I watch the miracle of God in the regeneration of your life!

    Lorrie Anderson

  • Janine

    My prayers remain with you, and I am amazed at these videos. The progress from 9/27 to 10/5 is sure. From toes to walking… Thank God for it all! My continued prayer for you is healing, strength, joy, patience and unity. May you continue to see the God-glimpses in each day. His peace to you, Janine