Seattle Benefit Concert – Oct 15

There will be a benefit concert for Steve at University Presbyterian Church, on Friday, October 15, at 7:30pm. All are invited–please spread the word.

The evening will be led by Walt Wagner and Sue Nixon, with musicians from University Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue, and Mars Hill Graduate School.

Steve will share a few words, and an offering will be taken to benefit the Steve Lowell Ruetschle Special Needs Trust.

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  • Brett

    Steve and Michelle,
    Not sure what method of communication you are more likely to read these days. That you would have time to read anything is a measure of grace, I’m sure. Just want you to know how deeply excited we are about your amazing progress Steve. Similar to how we don’t notice our own children’s growth as much as a more distant relative does, I’m wondering if you realize how amazing the progress is. It’s mind-boggling. You are standing up on your own? You are walking by yourself, with only a cane?
    I honestly can’t believe it.
    We love you guys, and really miss you in Asia. Brett (and Shannon)

  • Allison Henry

    I absolutely can NOT wait to see you both!!

  • Marybethal

    Beholding the glory of the Lord with each step and each written word….
    With you from afar, through the Spirit’s closeness,
    Mb, Scott, & Grace

  • Mc and Rhoda Bradshaw

    We all miss you both so much and follow with great eagermess every scrap of news from you. We are believing with you that you will be back in Manila to lead UCM forward! May our Lord grant you courage and joy for tomorrow and all the following days. With much Love, Rhoda and Mac

  • Greggfarah

    these two concert are awesome! Just like the Ruetschle family.