Video of the Last 4 Months

The following is an 8-minute video that played at both the Seattle and Manila benefit events. This documents the approximately last 4-months of the Ruetschle family experience, from the accident to… well, you’ve just got to watch it.

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  • Jdgrubbs

    The power of prayer is an awesome thing. God has plans for His Servant Steve. Your faith and hard work
    will sustain you! May our Lord Bless All of you some more- many times over.
    Nancy and John Grubbs

  • john dettoni

    Simply amazing: from death to new life in this world! Praise to the Lord the Creator and Great Physician.
    Keep walking so you can run again!!
    blessings and peace,
    john dettoni

  • Marianne

    Amazing Steve, your strength is so inspiring. Those early pictures seem like a lifetime ago. Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey, and you have come so far from when I saw you last. Always keeping you, Michelle and your family in my prayers, may He continue to watch over you and bless you all.

  • Joseph & May Uy

    Truly Amazing…I have been praying for you and your family. Let me know when I can come over to visit you in Seattle.

    • Michelle

      Joseph and May, just let us know when you can come! We’d love to see you!

  • Melody DuBois

    How great — How Great! — is our God!

  • BSnider1215

    GOD IS SO GREAT!!! The tears trickled, the smile grew wider, the goose bumps abound! Thank you for telling the story again. The music was perfect! I KNEW IN MY HEART, when I heard about the accident, I believed right then that Steve would walk again. Thanks to our awesome God! Our prayers continue to be with all of your family. God has truly blessed you.
    With love and prayers,
    Brenda Snider

  • Kim Abels

    The video is absolutely brilliant! I was cheering in the 3rd minute and crying in the last two. Wow, our God is doing another miracle right in front of us, and I’m blessed to be able to see it from afar. He truly is the light in the darkness, and what He is doing in Steve is absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing these parts of your lives with us. I’m rejoicing with you in all the progress, and praying for more like it.

    Love and miss you all.

  • Jude Prasad-Smith

    I didn’t see this at the concert and I’m praising God with tears. God is SO Great, doing more than we ask or imagine…the road of wonder mingled with pain still hasn’t ended, but I am so certain that God is only just starting to do business with so many through your story Steve and Michelle, and the excitement and hope of what is still to come with all this hard work and perserverence…well, to God be the glory! Jude x

  • Jrammes

    I can put into words how incredible this all is. Steve, you have made the most amazing recovery to date. Keep pushing forward! My family’s thoughts and prayers are with you. Jay Rammes

  • Bob & Carol Kuiken

    We’ve watched it twice and each time it’s so moving to see what God is doing and has done already. We pray with faith for God’s miracle of walking for you Steve. Bob & Carol

  • Kikomnl

    i didn’t want the video to end!!!! how awesome indeed is our god!!! i half imagined seeing Pastor steve pumping his hand up in the air :) all glory and praise be to god!!!

  • Nancy Holmes

    How incredible! I loved it ending with “How Great is Our God”! What a perfect song to give God the glory for the amazing things He has done. Thanks for sharing this…I can’t wait to show it to others!

  • Jhorlacher263206

    I have no words other than Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Crying as I watch this.

  • dal pedero

    Thank you so much for sharing this video. Am deeply moved by the magnificent progress of our beloved Pastor Steve.
    The song is just so fitting that I found myself singing along and praising God. Keep on Pastor Steve! God is working wonders! Believing for your total recovery in our awesome God.
    Michelle, I would just like to say that you have inspired me with your posts. I wish I can just write a little bit wee like you.
    Dal Pedero
    UCM Manila

  • Sandy and Jonna

    TRULY OUR GOD IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL GLORY TO GOD!!!!!!!
    Pastor Steve and Michelle…we are always praying for you. We are encouraged by your faith. We can’t wait to see you in UCM again and put our arms around you!

  • Kendig

    Crying first with sorrow, then with joy, through this entire video. Thank you for sharing so powerfully all that God has done.

    Laraba Kendig

  • Researcher55

    Dear Pastor Steve and Michelle, I just got to view the video. Indeed, how great is our God! Praising the Lord with you here in Manila! Harry is in Tanzania. With continued love and prayers, Geri H

  • Jmavros

    Through God and prayers miracles can happen!
    John M.

  • Eileentell

    That is such a wonderful testimony to your courageous spirit and the blessings of each new day. Thank you for putting this together.

    Eileen T.

  • Eileenjohnson

    Dearest Steve and Michelle,
    Thank you for sharing your faith walk during this time in your lives. Reading what God is doing in your hearts and in Steve’s physical body is a tremendous encouragement to my own faith walk. Your confidence in God’s love & faithfulness is so honoring to Him and stregthening to all who are following your blog. You are teaching us how to look for the miracles God performs in our lives….enabling us to face the crisis of life, courage to go on when things seem hopeless, increased desire for Him,strength to do the hard things, increased love for & from others, etc. etc. etc. What an Amazing God we serve!! In His Great Love, Eileen Johnson (friends of John & Darlene in Dayton)

  • Yiayiasu

    Watching, watching and watching with tears and smiles and love……….a beautiful journey of pain, courage, strength and above all else an amazing , trusting belief in our God. Thank you forever, for sharing and teaching. We pray always and watch…………………….. sue and jim economides
    Steve’s wonderful smile is etched in my heart……….thank you Michele for your love for him, we all see it in his smile. He is loved ………………………….

  • Kirsten

    Tears of amazement and joy are flowing as I sit here and view this. Thank you for sharing your testimony and such a powerful reminder that indeed How Great is our God! I will continue to pray for another 8 minutes of more of that amazing healing power of our Almighty God.

  • Kmaruna

    What an absolutely, amazing video!! I cried watching it. I had my children watch the video with me and they were shocked at how wonderful our God is and I told them that Steve truly is a miracle. This is what the power of prayer can do. God is a wonderful God!
    My children age 11, 9 and 5 pray on their own every night at the dinner table for the roof over our heads, clothes on our bodies, and for our health. Then they pray that God continues to heal Steve. It is a normal ritual.
    Kelli Maruna and family

  • Matt Maruna

    Don’t give up hope because god will always be there for you. I hope you heal/feel better soon. I pray for you every night. There is always hope even in the darkest of problems. I don’t know you very well but my mom does, her name is Kelli. If you put your trust in god he will be there to help you always. Give god your pain and he sall take it away from you and heal you all the way. Hope you get better remember there is no greater power than GOD!!!!!!! I am 11 going onto 12. Remember always have hope and never ever give up.
    Matt Maruna

  • Katebaker99

    Thanks for this inspiring video. It is wonderful! Kate Baker

  • Jbell72

    How GREAT is our GOD?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoever took the time to put this all together — beautiful. It’s wonderful when the Lord gives us a chance to see our prayers at work. What a testimony you all are.

  • Vhfamily

    What a journey…what a video, capturing highlights, pain, determination, strength, faith, love, miracles…How GREAT is OUR GOD?!!!?!!?! That beautiful song will never again be the same for me – it now holds new meaning as I see Steve’s pained face working with ALL his might yoked with Jesus and GOD’s miraculous healing, and then smiling in glorious faith that this uphill battle holds hope surrounded by love…Yes, Steve YOU are loved by so many…what a beautiful story…
    You have taught us all the true meaning of FAITH…
    Thank you for all of your sharing…with love, hugs and consistent prayer…XOXOX
    Connie, Mark, Christina, Stephanie & Lindsey Van’tHof (daughter of Dimitrios & Sue Economides… and friends of Darlene & John Reutschle)

  • Beckysmail

    Our God is Great!!! You are amazing Steve and such an inspiration to all. We are so proud of what you are accomplishing, you have so much determination! Had to watch the video twice and then had my children watch it. We love you, Steve! Keep up the great work. Thank you to the Harborview staff and for Michelle in all that they are doing for you.
    Becky Hazel Nischwitz

  • Emmetts in China

    I am in awe of God’s faithfulness to you guys and your faithfulness to God. Your lives are a living testament to a living God. We love you.

  • Jody

    I have watched it twice, posted it on my Facebook wall, watched it some more- every time with tears flowing down my cheeks and just praising God for His greatness, love and faithfulness. I know it in my heart that this journey has amazed, inspired, strengthened faith and even triggered conversion of unbelievers. Praises! Praises!

  • Debbie

    I was going through a seemingly rough day at work and going through some deep personal issues with a “woe is me” weariness in my soul. . . and seeing this humbled me as I contemplate how infinitesimally trivial my concerns are, compared to Pastor Steve’s overcoming what we all thought were insurmountable odds. We had the privilege to witness the “Songs for Steve” Concert in Manila and was truly blessed and awed by the outpouring of love for Steve, Michelle and the boys. Pastor Steve’s healing and progress were far beyond our wildest expectations, and there was, as performer Gary V said, a clearly palpable energy in the room…the energy of prayer…the energy of God.

  • Jasmein

    It is a joy to see you all. Your love,your focus your faith and your joy shine and I have been deeply touched by your sharing these. Thankyou so much for being who you both are ! I am greatful to know you. All love!!!

    JaSmEiN xx

  • Celesta Warner

    Amazing, incredible, wonderful, awesome and thanks be to God now and forever!!!!! Steve, you are truly blessed and an inspiration to all! God Bless you and your family. Shalom, Celesta Warner, Dayton, OH

  • Pat Sanvik

    Dear Steve and Michele, your courage and faith uplift, inspire, and strengthen even those, like me, who have not met you but pray for your family. Michelle, please call me at the number below. I have a prayer quilt to deliver to you made by the women of Snohomish First Presbyterian Church for Steve. I am a former member of UCM and learned of your story through Jeri Gunderson and Deborah Gustafson, dear friends of mine. Please call me at 425 760-9540 to arrange a delivery time.
    Pat Sanvik

  • Lindaraz77

    Wow! What else can I say. We serve a mighty, loving God and He never fails us.

  • Lovelyne

    Pastor Steve and Michelle…..

    INDEED!!! HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!!!!!!!!!!

    Might i say, you have made this the best 4 months of your lives… of our lives… This is literally LIVING FOR THE LORD!!! TO GOD BE ALL GLORY AND PRAISE!!!


  • beth

    Our God is great! i praise God for every step and movement you make. you are truely an inspiration to me.

  • Anonymous

    we have
    a GREAT GOD !

  • Ammiarmas

    We rejoice with you, Steve and Michelle, for all the wonderful things Steve can now do–amazing, incredible, a GOD-thing. The whole world of believers who have prayed, interceded and believed God for a miracle have seen the answers to that prayer.

    See you in Manila soon!!!!

    Pastor Leo and Ammi Armas

  • Greggfarah

    for future reference: this video has a 3-tissue rating.
    Actually had uncontrollable sobs at the end.
    We so love the Ruetschle family.
    Can’t wait for the dancing to begin.
    Much love,
    your bfam

  • Betty Guthrie

    totally inspiring! How great is our God indeed! What a wonderful family of faith! God is NOT finished with you, Steve!

  • Elizabeth

    Pastor Steve, the children’s choir continues to pray for you. Yahweh Yireh, the Lord provides. After all these the Lord’s name will be glorified. How great is our God.

  • Dawn Nielsen

    Steve, michelle. That this accident happened was a tragedy – so many Congratulations on coming so far…
    Your determination, strength hard work and love is an inspiration to us all.
    With much loe
    Dawn Nielsen (now in Denmark)

  • Debbie

    How great is our God indeed! A multitude of miracles and answered prayers – too many to count?! Just a finger, Lord… Rejoicing with so many blessings – lifting a foot; getting out into fresh air for the first time; self-propelling; playing with the boys; walking the rails… The lyrics coming to mind now are, “Every move I make, I make in You, Jesus… Every step I take I take in You… Waves of mercy, waves of grace!” He is WORTHY of all praise indeed!

  • Mandy Swilley

    God is glorified in your life. Ditto everything that has been said. We serve a God that is full of surprises and blessings for us His children. How beautiful to see it in your life.

  • Dtopliff

    I’ve been out of town. So back at computer and catching up on you, I’m sitting here crying and praising God. Also thanking Him in advance for more. I love you guys!

  • JJ Kissinger

    Wow…so incredibly inspirational. God is TRULY good…so, so good. Steve…it’s been a long time since we’ve seen you…but Lisa and I have been following this blog and praying for you and your family for these past few months. Thanks to both of you for sharing your lives and reminding us all what faithfulness looks like. Much love!

  • Admiraam

    Yes, how great is our God !!!! Keep up the good work, Steve!!!

  • Katyjmj

    Steve, Just recieved this video from a friend who’s good friend knows you (Shari Scharrer) She sent it to me because a friend of mine just fell out of a tree last Wednessday and was given a slim chance to ever walk again. The Dr.s said the next 30 days will make all the difference in his recovery. I believe God can make all the difference in his recovery. He has a beautiful family as you do…wife and 3 children. In his late 30′s. Please pray for him as he is in great pain right now!!!! All glory be to God for your miraculous healing. Katy Newburg

  • Edna bishop

    what an amazing overview of your journey ~ what the devil intended for bad God has truly used for good. During the Friday night service I thought of Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote ” A woman (man) is like a tea bag- you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.” you surely have been dipped and God’s light is shinning ever more brightly from you and your family. You obviously are full of God’s precious gifts of love.
    I am praying for you and your family with Hope of God’s Faithfulness. Edna Bishop

  • Oletabruner

    Our God is an amazing GOD! He didn’t do it alone, you, the doctors, nurses, therapist and many many prayers helped! God bless you in you ministry.

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