Far more abundantly

Dear friends and family,

I am enjoying my usual morning time in the corner of Steve’s hospital room, chatting with Steve and his physical therapist while she does his morning stretches with him, which involve moving his arms and legs in a daily range of motion routine. Since 6 a.m. we have already had blood draws, medication, breakfast, respiratory therapy, a doctor’s visit and physical therapy. The day starts early here.

Yesterday was a very good day. Thanks to a generous friend, Steve and I got iPhones. While this is a fun and wonderful gift for any technology lover, for Steve this is a window into independence. By pushing the buttons with his knuckles he is able to either call someone using voice activation or gently hit the buttons to activate a phone number. Other than myself, his first call was to his mother! It was wonderful to see him enjoying this new-found freedom, and selfishly, I look forward to being able to call him while I am away and know that I can find him. Though we spend so much time together, we always miss each other when we are apart. This was always how it was and how it remains.

But I saved the best for last. Yesterday morning, while doing the same PT session I am now witnessing, Steve managed to slightly move his lower leg so that it was gently hovering on the bed, as his therapist supported his knee in a bent position. Later that afternoon, while doing errands, I received a video clip where Steve was able to actually lift his lower leg almost a foot off the surface! I almost broke down weeping in the Apple store!

For context, Steve is still unable to move his legs when they are simply lying on the bed or when seated. He still does not have that kind of practical mobility against gravity. However with some gentle assistance and support at the knee, he is able to move his lower leg significantly. We cheer on these small progressions as if they were Olympian feats! And for Steve, they are! The right leg continues to significantly outperform the left, unlike his arms where the left is stronger than the right.

Last night a few of us gathered in the room the cheer and laugh with delight as we watched him do it again!

I am so bold to continue to offer up our prayer requests, because I believe that they make a difference! I will continue to tell you over and over again how grateful we are for these! Please continue to pray that Steve remains free from infection and that he continues to regain function. Please also pray that we negotiate the dizzying and often depressing education about living with spinal cord injuries with strength and hopeful hearts. As we approach the midpoint in our hospitalization, the transfer home looms, with its own set of challenges, as the elaborate hospital support system disappears. Finally, while I have been immersed in other details until now, I will begin to focus on the boys’ schooling for the period that we are here in Seattle. Please pray that we find the perfect school and teachers to help them negotiate this major change in their lives.

I will sign off with the verse that has rung out in our hearts so many times over the last month: “Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory… forever!” Eph. 3:20-21


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  • matthew braun


  • Fred Davis

    I am sitting at my desk with tears in my eyes as I see the incredible progress and as I relate to the intense strain that even slight movements necessitate. Yet, they are such hopeful signs – incredible signs of healing.

    Our Associate Exec. for the Presbytery – Kevin Nollette is working closely with me and with the Board of Pensions to navigate through the maze of stuff involved in getting a shared grant. He will be e-mailing you with more information but let me say that the entire Presbytery is standing with you in prayer and support, just as they did for us, and that is an incredibly powerful force of prayer.

    I am rejoicing with you today for these Olympian feats. You both are worthy of Gold Medals – but truly all praise belongs to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is, indeed, able to far more than we ask or think.

    With love, joy and intense prayers

  • Darren

    Oh, my! Praise God. It's so good to see Steve's smile. He's beautiful. And can you believe him lifting his leg like that? Who says God doesn't raise the dead? Steve, you're a miracle. Thank you for growing faith in our hearts like this. Every miracle in your flesh is a million miracles in the hearts of those of us who are praying for you.



  • Jean Brown

    Syd and I have been following your postings since day 1 continuing in prayer without ceasing. What marvelous witnesses of Christ's amazing presence in your lives as Steve, Michelle, and all in the family make the daily steps on this journey. Christ is present in each moment, each movement, each breath!

    Praise and thanks be to God for being the provision, promise, and hope for each day as you live for His glory!

    “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, and may you overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13

    Our love and prayers remain for each one of you!
    Jean and Syd

  • Georgia Perez

    Amazing! Thanks be to God!

  • Lee_hall

    Dear Pastor Steve & Michelle,

    How we look forward to the daily updates & excitement of seeing His touch. You continue to be in our thoughts & prayers. Our Bible study group, none of whom know you have been praying with us for you. How you find time for all the updates is amazing. I am temporarily a care giver for my Daught-in-law & find little time to do anything else. Rejoicing in what He is doing & continuing to pray. Lee Hall SIL Philippines.

  • Debbie Spitler – Sd art

    Amazing, God is so Good! With faith and determination, much can be accomplished! With Love, Debbie Spitler

  • Bonnie Stalter

    We wept with joy… amazing love. how can it be.? He is able.. God has no limitations.
    Believe. What a blessed support system. Praise God.

  • Olive Hafenstein

    Awesome! Awesome! May God bring Pastor Steve from strength to strength!
    Grace & Peace.

  • sue and jim economides

    Unbelievable…..but yet……with prayers and courage …..look what you ( and all of us ) can do!
    Amazing……….with love and continued prayers for all! sue and jim economides and family

  • Jody Samala

    That was so wonderful! I almost cried when I saw you lift your leg up. I know that soon, you will really be able to kick a soccer ball with your boys. God bless you Pastor Steve, with all these mega performances. I continue to pray for your complete healing and rehab.

    Jody Samala

  • Catherine

    Fantastic!! It's utterly humbling to watch the focus and determination it takes for you to lift your leg. Well done. Watching the video clip, Romans 5 came to mind. Your perseverance is palpable. Now, the text says that perseverance produces character….with which you guys already ABOUND, so I'm thinking your family is going to be pretty stellar in the character department.

    Romans 5:3-5

    3Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; 4perseverance, character; and character, hope. 5And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.

    We continue to pray. Much love to you.
    Catherine and Rocky Hessler

    • Brad

      WOW, those are spectacular verses! I wish I could eat them. Steve and Michelle have SO many people who love them. I'm in awe.

  • Isabelle & Andy Magnuspn

    In a word you have HOPE. Moving that leg is a very good sign. Praise God!

  • Brad

    GREAT to hear Steve talk with full voice and function. It may have been on a previous video that I missed. It is SO good to read your beautiful posts, written with such thankfulness, hope, gratitude, and willingness to face, with strength and faith, the full range of realities that the future will hold. Miracles. Disappointments. Victories. Challenges. Love. Life. Every day a new and perfect day in the nearness of the Lord whose Love surpasses understanding.

    Love to Steve and you, from a practical stranger, a friend of a friend.

  • Toby_gatchalian

    TOBY and CHIE

  • Joseph & May Uy

    WOW! You are on your way to full recovery! I am so excited and happy for you! Take care! We will continue to pray for you!

  • Mandy Watson

    That is amazing. What a power house!! Good luck guys

  • Chitvillegas_ctv

    I love how you call these progressions Michelle as you term it your “olympian feats”. Indeed the exhilirating feelings of victory can proabaly be close to it. I am glad I have been following your posts on Pastor Steve. It does seems like following the Olympics…sometimes there are joys, sometimes anxiety, sometimes discouragements. BUt you have lots of “rallyists” and that also has made me see what it means to be rallied in our journeys. I applaud you for your updates which you have been diligently doing inspite of the man things you have to attend to. May God's amazing grace continue to carry you.

  • Kristin

    No infection, full recovery of function, emotional stamina and finding the right schools – GOT IT! Praying fervently from Texas.

  • Barb Podmore

    Cheers and tears.

  • Amyheckman23

    What an AWESOME sight!!

  • Mlv

    May God continue to bless you both and may the prayers of all of us around the world lift you up for further encouragement and Blessings. Thank you for your updates on this journey of yours and this magnificent testimony of trusting in God, of our frailty and of God's faithfulness and glory. All praises to God for this, in Jesus' name. Amen

    I remember after my mother's stroke these early weeks were such an extraordinary witness to the complexity of the human body. Each small development brought us such joy. We will continue to pray for healing of Steve's nervous system, his overall health and the necessary resources for you both to carry you through this time.
    Mary and Nury Vittachi (Hong Kong)

  • Roger Bartholomew

    Incredible – the power of prayer. Tomorrow the other leg……..

  • Snocap10

    What a wonderful thing to see Steve. Keep up the good work. We're seeing you progress daily, prayers definately work.

  • Glen Braden

    A cheer from Makati just went up for you! Better than Landon Donovan's goal!~

  • Rockprod98

    Do you know how much we all look forward to every little improvement? Just think how many people this has brought to the Throne of Grace. We are soooo excited to see this video.
    Love you, Linda Muench

  • Herlan Siregar (ucm)

    how's great is our GOD, He is faithfull and keep answer our prayer
    keep good work Ps Steve!

  • Sean Sheridan

    This is so dang cool! Way to go you guys!

  • Deb (Talley) Thompson

    Praise be to Jesus! That's outrageous! Absolutely amazing! HALLELUJAH!

  • Jodi Durr

    Go Steve! We're cheering you on too!

  • Dale and Annie Roth

    Yes Yes YES! We continue to pray for miracles at our house!

  • Genrideout

    Hallelujah!!! Way to Go!!! this is awesome as is our God!! He reigns in big toes and leg lifts!! And in tiny details and mountain moving. Michelle and Steve–rest in HIS arms tonight. He has you wrapped tightly as we all pray for healing and strength and encouragement for you both. hugs Gen Rideout

  • Patricia Pascual

    Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Nothing is impossible with the Lord.
    -Patricia Pascual, UCM

  • Charity

    I'm crying too as I watch this. Finally, the Steve we all know and love! The smile brought tears to my eyes. And I haven't even been able to hear the sound part of it yet, so I'll have a box of Kleenex ready when I do. Tears rolling down my face to see the leg movement, and Steve's smiling face, I keep praying for you!

  • Shana

    Hurrah!!! Thank you so much for sharing this terrific news, and in video form, no less. Indeed, God can do immeasurably more than we could even think to ask for or could conjure up with our powerful yet relatively limited imagination.

    You are in our thoughts, hearts, and prayers!

    Much love from Makati,

  • Jeri

    Writing from West Virginia. Mary, Sara and I just watched this and rejoiced. Scripture tells us to not despise the day of small beginnings. There have been many such days for you and they're beginning to add up….not unlike raindrops. Oh, the wideness and goodness of the love of God! What is left but to worship.

  • Greggfarah


  • Naomi Diaz (UCM)

    Thank you Lord for this wonderful miracle of Pastor Steve's leg movement. We know this comes from you. May Pastor Steve continue to be healed physically and for Michelle to be continually inspired by the support and love of people who truly care for them. Glory to God. Praise His name.

  • Claire Skeggs

    “Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory… forever!” Eph. 3:20-21

    Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! To Him be all the glory!

    Thank you my Dear God for their portions today — for Pastor Steve and Michelle!

    Love and hugs
    Andrew & Claire Skeggs

  • Sue Bodensteiner

    Steve and Michelle, you both are such inspirations to me! I look forward to reading your postings every day, and am behind you in prayer all the way! Sue Bodensteiner, UPC

  • Mandy

    Oh praise the Almighty God and Father who is able!!!!!

  • Roger and Jerri Oliver

    We share your joy and thanksgiving for these milestones in Steve's recovery. We continue to pray unceasingly for Steve's healing, your strength, and those precious boys!

    “Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory… forever!” Eph. 3:20-21 Praise be to God.

    Our love,
    Roger and Jerri Oliver