From Michelle.  15 July, 2010. 9:10am

Dear friends and family,

Just wanted you to know that Steve slightly moved his left pointer finger and right thumb today!  By slight, I mean just little wiggles.  This means some nerves are firing to those areas, and we cannot know how much.  Steve is simply asking for your continued prayer…  for fingers!


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  • Julie & Heath

    Prayers for fingers!! Prayers for fingers!!! Love and miss you.

  • Kristin

    Great news!

  • Kristine (UCM)

    Woohoo! We're praying for more :)

  • Becky Allender

    Stopping to pray right now!

  • Tiffany Megargee

    Oh thanks be to God… this is huge!!! I am so amazed and thrilled and I can't wait to see it in action! XO-Tiff

  • sandra

    HALLELUJAH!!!! The nerves are the last to heal…from what I learned after having my stroke…This is a miracle…we'll keep you in our prayers.

  • Bonnie Stalter

    prayers for thumb and pointer fingers on each hand. as first priority.
    Praying for inflammation to decrease and nerves to heal. God made the body and knows the need.
    Trusting Him.. and lifting up specific prayers. Keep your eyes on Christ. look full in His wonderful face. not what Steve can do but what God can do beyond human limitations. loved the little girl on UTube
    praying. wow. faith as simple as a little child with total trust. pray believing . our Heavenly father

  • Patricia Bentz

    Hip hip POOHray! Much rejoicing . . . MORE praying!! Thank you for your wonderful updates!!


  • Deb (Talley) Thompson

    I'm praying for the full restoration of his guitar playing abilities, in God's timing of course. Amen!

  • Sharon Black

    Terrific news!! For fingers!!

  • Jim Heikes

    Keep up the hard work Steve!!!! Michelle, keep writing…. It is wonderful!!!!! We are always praying!!!!
    Jim Heikes & Family

  • Susan Lehman;)

    Maybe he and the kids can all practice wiggling and counting singing “ten little Indian boys!”… 1 little,2 little, 3 little Indians….also probably feels like 10 little boys running around when the kids get excited in Steve's room!!!

  • Bkvasey

    Praise God for the news!! At times, it can seem almost surreal, how seemingly small things can cause great encouragement. But this is great encouragement, indeed.

  • Justinasumathi

    Dear God,not only the fingers but the hands too.In Jesus name. Amen

  • Amandavermeulen

    Fingers, please God!

  • Dave and Bev Sheridan

    Dave and I have been praying and concentrating on finger movement. We will continue and praise God for progress!

  • Dennis

    Awesome! I hope that this is the sign of greater things to come- either more moving and recovering or will allow him to use more equipment to help him do the things he wants to do.

    Blessing on all of you- rest and peace.

  • Jody

    That is such great news! Soon he will be able to type again. Next, he will be able to strum the guitar. Its all so good! I continue to pray for fingers and everything else. Blessings

  • Craig and Margaret Sutherland

    Thank you, dear Father, and now we trust you for more movement – in the fingers, hands, and arms until Steve is joyously embracing his wife and children once again! Now unto You, who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think…be glory!

  • Craigandjane

    rejoicing with you!

  • Nancy Runkle

    This little wiggle is a BIG step! God bless your journey.

  • Riezl and Anne

    Wiggles, giggles….pointer finger….slightly, delightedly… little by little… movements, improvements…. we continue the prayers… for Steve's other fingers…

    missing you all dearly

    riezl and anne

  • Claire Skeggs

    As we continue praying for Pastor Steve's bodily restoration, I sing in joy this Sunday School song in praise of God and His new love every morning. His love comes and comes and comes and comes…..

    “Because of the Lord's great love
    We are not consumed
    Or His compassions never fail
    His love is new every morning
    New every morning

    Lamentations 3:22-23 (Sung in Sunday School tune)

    Isn't it soooooo good that we are the recipient of this? This love that just keeps coming… I am thrilled with this news from Michelle today, as I have always been in her (and Mikes and Sean's, etc.) daily update. God's love flows, little by little (in Michelle's portion) and it never stops.

    Praise our God Almighty!

    Andrew & Claire Skeggs

  • Sarah Beuerle

    Will keep praying boldly for full recovery, especially of all his fingers and hands. Would be such a gift to hear him play his guitar, praising God all the while.
    Sarah Beuerle

  • Vangiepcapili

    As we thank and praise the good Lord for wiggles, we continue to storm the gate of heaven with prayers for complete recovery. It is also our fervent prayer that God's glory be revealed and seen under the circumstances. Indeed God's faithfulness is renewed every morning and His mercy endureth forever.

    We care and we miss you. . . . .

    Vangie & Family-UCM

  • Jerry and Alice Pamin

    Wow, that's wonderful news!!! We will continue to pray for more healing and more wiggles!!

    What a wonderful God we have. he is the Father our Lord Jesus Christ, the source of every mercy and the one who so wonderfully comforts and strengthens us in our hardships and trials. (2 Cor 1:3)

    Praise GOD!!!!

  • Ramon C. Guison III

    Dear Pastor Steve.

    We at Union Church miss your pastoral warmth, firm example, and inspiring sermons. I will continue to pray for you that Yahweh shall restore you completely and bring you back to us. Continue to praise Yeshua our great Messiah.

  • Joy Aromin

    Our dear Michelle and Pastor Steve,
    We have never doubted God's miracle-working power. We know He heals in many different ways. We are all praying that God will stimulate those nerves and muscles… looking forward to seeing Pastor Steve back on his feet again. We know it might take long or maybe soon, but His timing is always perfect. We love you and thank you so much for sharing details… we are so blessed seeing God at work…the Great Physician!
    benj, joy and josh

  • Chi tvillegas

    Yehey…may the rest of Pastor Steve's fingers join the wiggle!!!must be awesome to see even the smallest finger wiggle even a bit!..rejoicing with you!

  • Mandy Swilley

    We have a really really really BIG God. We are praying…for really really really BIG miracles. God bless you as we thank Him for the wiggles!
    The Swilleys

  • akiko

    praise god!praise god!! we are PRAYING!!!!!
    chips and akiko

  • Darren

    I constantly have an image of a finger or toe of Steve's in my mind, and I'm willing it to move.



  • Jhorlacher263206

    praying in the sweet name of Jesus.

    His name is Jesus. Wonderful counselor, my friend.

  • Danny Meyer

    I also have an image of Steve's spine in my mind constantly and I'm willing light into the nerves and out to all the endings

    Much Love Danny, Bryn, Max

  • Rockprod98


  • Marcy Nygaard

    Faith is present and with this kind of faith God can move mountains through him and all of you.
    Praise Jesus for this movement of hope.

  • Jonjonshell

    The little wiggles I give Little murray a hug To 1000000000000000000