Video: Moving a finger

Here is a short video of Steve moving his left index finger:

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  • linda

    I keep playing the video of your finger moving …over and over! It's absolutely thrilling. I'm thankful to God! Thank you, Steve for all of your hard work. It is an honor to pray for you….and I will ….continue to pray, throughout the days.

  • Jhorlacher263206

    praise God!

    kris horlacher

  • Olive Hafenstein

    Glory to God! We continue to pray…

  • Steve Quant

    This is absolutely the coolest “finger moving video” I have ever seen! :) We serve an awesome God.

  • Bonnie Stalter

    I wept with joy when I watched this video. My husband is a doctor and has said that being able to move
    his fingers will be a big factor in his abilities. First I cried
    then the thought occurred to me that he might respond to tapping out a rhythm in the air
    in time to music…for rehab.. farther down the road.. since he is a musician. I play the guitar and know that he also does. I am crying out to God that Steve might be able make music in some fashion and help his boys with their homework. Certain they are stimulating him.. and giving him the desire
    to gain ground and work hard in rehab. Joy abounding. God hears our specific requests.
    today and tomorrow Dayton International Air Show.. noisy skies and delight for our guys.
    Keep looking up… God is delighting you.. and there is healing in His wings..



  • Deb (Talley) Thompson

    THAT'S FABULOUS !!!!! It is soooooooo encouraging to see this! In the midst of grieving what's been lost, I am hugely appreciative of what has been retained and what is returning. I'm holding out hope that Steve will one day play guitar again. Hooray for small GIANT steps!

  • liz and dale whitney

    Wow — that is so cool. Tears and amens all rolled into one…

  • Brett Hilliard

    Woo hooo from the Hilliards!!! Love seeing this. Way more movement than we had imagined….. So thrilled, and hopeful for even more….

  • Toby Gatchalian

    so happy to see this steve. go go steve.

  • Ptr. Edgar Aquino

    Great, Our God is really doing GREAT job for Ptr. Steve, Let us continue to Praise and Thanks God for his wonderful work.

  • jaci smith


  • opheliatongco

    Yehey….go, go Pastor Steve. I continue to pray for your full recovery. We sing and state the awesome truth that God is good all the time. What is equally amazing is that God, the Powerful, Almighty Owner and Maker of the entire Universe has His ears to the cries and petitions of His people. Praise His Name!!

  • Margotowen

    Go Steve! We love you and rejoice in each new movement no matter how small. Keep going, brother!

    All 5 Owens

  • Tom Hardeman

    Steve and Michele, we were thrilled to watch this video….over and over again! How wonderful to see such progress!! We pray everyday as a family for your continued recovery Steve. The kids often ask for updates and it is wonderful to be able to keep up with what is going on through these posts (thanks Michele and others!)
    Praising the Lord with you and counting on His continued mercies!
    Tom, Maddy, Grady, Elias and Leila Hardeman

  • Ron Wolswijk

    Awesome. Keep up the good work Steve and were looking forward to more video's

  • Nancy Runkle

    His pluckin' finger! Hooray!

  • Lisa Gustafson

    LOVE THIS! I found myself moving my finger along with Steve as encouragement…So Grateful!

  • LeighWeber

    Leigh Weber -UPC

  • Aubonpain

    Glory be to God!

  • Heather_kilgour

    Whoopee! Now the other hand too please Lord. Move those fingers! What hope this gives you (us) all. Rejoicing and praying with you.

    Heather K (UCM)

  • Bonnie Stalter

    Up late at night and recalling Steve moving his finger… now think of the painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel … the finger of God touching the finger of Adam. I am an artist and studied it in art history.
    Google Sistine Chapel Ceiling The Hand of God and you will be awestruck.
    God is reaching out to Steve like he did to Adam.

  • Allen


  • Angelic Que

    slowly and surely…one by one. Praise God!

  • Rebecca lwin

    Wow that's awesome! I love it! Counting out the exercises. That's glory to God!

    Rebecca Lwin

  • Ckcc_chung

    Thank God for wiggles :) Go Pastor Steve!

  • Debbie Simsuangco

    One small wiggle for Steve, a giant leap in all our hearts. Thank you God for showing your Beloved how precious he is to you.

  • Naomi Diaz (UCM)

    Yehey! God is so good. Another miracle for all of us. We will all rejoice and be glad in it. Praise, Glory & Honor to our God. Wiggle it & wiggle them all, Pastor Steve.

  • Jeff and Sarah Vogt

    Loving it! Love you….and keep the movements coming!!!! We are with you — and praying, praying, praying.
    Sarah and Jeff Vogt

  • Jay Alano

    Praise God for the moving finger! More movements are coming soon. God is faithful! Praying for you Ptr. Steve.

  • June Uy Go

    Dear Steve and Michelle,

    This is Juna Go from the Philippines. I just got back to Manila after helping my daughter move in to her new
    apartment. But I have been following your progress since I heard of your “accident” from my brother Joseph.
    I just finished viewing your video on the toe and I am so so so delighted. You just cannot imagine how
    happy I am. And your fever is gone!!! Remember I took care of my dad for almost 13 years. So all the things
    that Michelle has written about I can relate to. But praise God for your progress. How good truly is our God.
    Keep up the good progress. I am so excited.

    Will continue to pray for you and your family. It is such a nice feeling to have so much family around.

    Take care.

    june uy go